Jan 17, 2021 • 1HR 14M

Window over Washington: what’s in the stars for the Biden-Harris administration

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vol. 3 issue 4

Natal horoscope of the United States of America, the “Sibley” chart.


This weekend, I have been watching a series of military troop transport aircraft fly past, including the spooky tiltrotor MV22 Osprey, and a few other assorted planes. Some fly up and down the Potomac, others fly across the city, likely to Langley, but I am not sure where they are headed. I’ve spoken often about the choppers, but in going on a decade of having a window over Washington, I haven’t ever seen the troop transport planes fly from West to East over the city.

So, you know. Normal times.

But astrologer Elisabeth Grace, who specializes in reporting the news through the lens of what is called “mundane” astrology, tells me not to be too sad about what appear to me to be fascist times. It’s all part of our nation’s growing pains, according to her.

“Part of our growth as a nation is to finally own what we said we were all about,” Elisabeth says in this recording (the podcast version is linked a…

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