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How debt keeps us chained to a corrupt system

How debt keeps us chained to a corrupt system

And what you can do about it

episode 39

Debt collector Furor
Debt Collection Furor. Credit: SoulWing98


I’m really tired of being used by a corrupt system to keep it generating more corruption. And that is too much of how debt is used in this country.

In this episode, my guest is Marie Megge, a Michigan-based debt counseling expert who is not easy to find because she doesn’t use your money to prop up her company through expensive ad campaigns. But once I did find her as sought help to come out from under insurmountable debt post-divorce, I wanted to offer a way for my audience to find her, too.

Marie and I discuss a range of issues related to the debt industry, but the primary focus here is how you can use her knowledge to help yourself become unstuck from a corrupt system that is all too willing to let you suffer so they can profit.

I do want to give you the heads up that not all of the aspects of the industry that I had wanted to cover made it into this podcast. So, I will do a follow up!

In this episode, Marie and I discuss:

  • The moral injury the debt industry hinges upon

  • How to ensure you don’t get scammed by debt counseling firms who can be jsut as evil and predatory as the banks!

  • How much energy and hope can return to your life when you have help facing an industry designed to make you feel badly about yourself

  • How long it takes to restore your credit rating once you’ve entered into debt settlement negotiations

  • The process of debt negotiation itself

What I will circle back to is:

  • How and why banks assign our credit ratings using secret metrics that allow them to justify whatever interest they want to assign.

  • How interest rates often are irrelevant to the lenders’ calculus

  • How they remain profitable regardless of whether we ever pay off our credit cards.  

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the docu-mental podcast
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