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When propaganda is confused for personal narrative

When propaganda is confused for personal narrative

To end top-down manipulation and control, know your actual myths and truths

vol. 5 episode 34

Propaganda. Credit: David Sibande


It’s great to be back with another season of the docu-mental podcast!

In this episode, I asked Dr. Gwilym Morus-Baird, a professor of Celtic mythology and Medieval literature, and founder of the Celtic Source series of courses, how he views the utility of ancient myth as an effective counter to today’s propaganda.

Think dragons and magical swineherds vs. Tucker Carlson or Don Lemon.

I wanted to know whether myths of old can clue us into what systems of governance our ancestors found effective before empires, including media empires, came in and smashed everything to bits.

Dr. Morus-Baird and I end up talking about direct democracy. We also talk about how pre-empire there were morals and beliefs that did indeed work. We just have been trained to forget them because previous systems, if left intact, will eventually threaten the status quo held in place by the Powers That Be.

The key to power is narrative, according to Dr. Morus-Baird. So, I wanted to know: What narratives in the myths of old still resonate with power we’ve yet to reclaim? How do we get that power back? And, once we do, how do we wield it in order to liberate us from the current dumb shit we’re force-fed by the corporate media, by our politicians, by our corporations, by anyone who thinks they can get away with disempowering us because we’ve shown them that they can?

Dr. Gwilym Morus-Baird, Founder, The Celtic Source. Credit: Video still of interview by author.

It’s a discussion that flies by, so be prepared to listen close and to consider how when you think you’re catching up on the news, you’re just getting indoctrinated.

All power is myth, says Dr. Morus-Baird. And I say, all power is apolitical.

Keep that in mind as we consider how a “love of the land” is far too often turned into jingoism and hatred of others instead of a way to express love and support for the earth and all those who live upon it.

And surprisingly, because they cling to the same top-down paradigm, so-called sustainability proponents themselves only perpetuate an exhaustion of the earth, not a regeneration of it.

Why? Because without myths and language that reflect an inside-out understanding of how we actually come from the land, we won’t ever treat it with respect. As long as our mental constructs hinge on hierarchical, empircal thinking, we will continue to view the land as separate from us.

For example, what are “sacred lands”? Why isn’t all land sacred? The languages that preceded the Romanization of our thoughts with the relentlessly left-brained Latin, told of one world: Nature. There was no super-natural. Everything was natural.

I just love this conversation. It’s fun, smart, and provocative, and kind. We leave behind the angry derision in that “tone” the Department of They, as in the “they say” folks, all seem to speak with these days.

I think you will enjoy it, too. And best of all, you will start to notice the manipulation all around you, if even just a little bit more. And then, you can decide to ignore it, or better still, think beyond it.

The questions are yours for the asking. All you have to lose is nothing. All the Powers That Be have to lose is your attention…and their hold over your mind.

One last thing, don’t forget that on May 15, much of the content in docu-mental will live behind a paywall. This is my job, and you are my investor. What is this effort of helping you test your truths to develop deeper mental roots worth to you? If you are unable to invest financially, please share these posts and podcasts with others and leave comments below. It all adds up! Thank you.



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docu-mental: mapping the american states of mind
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