Jun 12, 2020 • 1HR 8M

It's Etsy for your mind: the world's first marketplace for mental health and personal growth tools

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Creating herd immunity to anxiety and depression requires understanding how public and corporate policy is designed to deliberately distract us from doing what will make us less stressed out. Join award-winning mental health policy reporter Whitney Fishburn in conversation with a range of newsmakers who shed light on how Americans have lost their minds and how they can take them back.
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vol. 2 issue 30


I love this podcast episode with Marie Leznicki. She’s the creator of Mindstead.org, the world’s first marketplace of personal growth tools, including for a variety of mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression. Imagine it being like Etsy, only for personal growth and mental fitness, a sort of 24/7 mental health fair.

What’s exciting to me about this is how it offers virtually everyone access to the wide range of mental health tools and modalities that otherwise would remain out of reach either because of insurance restrictions, budget, or simply unfamiliarity with the number of techniques that exist.

The tools are all vetted, and either evidence-based or validated, created by a range of credentialed therapists, life coaches, best-selling authors and Ted Talkers, all dedicated to helping individuals free themselves of the emotional and mental blockages that keep them from fully living a purposeful, intentional life.

Marie explains in this podcast how she saw a need for the “middle range” of people who aren’t in acute mental health crisis or who don’t have gobs of cash to pay for elite mental fitness services, but who nonetheless want to find professional support for their personal growth goals, whether it be to quell their anxiety or live life more purposefully.

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