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It's a quiet thing
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vol. 3 issue 38 Greetings, Here’s my 9/11 remembrance. 2001 – 2021: Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, Sharia Law, never forget, Malala being shot by neandertha…
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What you really wish you could say about racismListen now (77 min) | In REAL conversation with Dax-Devlon Ross, author of Letters to My White Male Friends
vol. 3 issue 36 Greetings, After three years of pursuing the reasons for our rising rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide, and concluding they are …
It could be worse, I probably deserve worse
From Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas
Keep moving forward, even if it's in circles
The "science of outcomes"
vol. 3 issue 31 Greetings, In two weeks, I will be in Montana to give a talk about re-thinking the status quo, and so have been culling things I have w…