Hush, be still, and feast on the silence

vol. 4 issue 7 Greetings, Here’s a thought. What if instead of distracting ourselves with ways to avoid death, which is what we Americans are especially adept at doing, we just sat still for a moment? Rather than fixate on how much toxin we can afford to inject in our face in three-, maybe four-month intervals, on how much square footage we can afford to build and then stuff with stuff, on whether to use Door Dash or just crack an egg, on how far our imaginations can wrap around the complicated nonsense that convinces us we must pay for health insurance that covers nothing at all when you get right down to it, like in the moments when we actually face death, and this one is where I got stuck this morning — on how my fellow countrymen and women (and trans and all that) are so polarized…what if instead we just you know, shut up for a few minutes?

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