you make me sick

A round-up of ways the health insurance industry makes us think our minds and bodies are the problem and they are the solution. Plus, the private equity vultures who feed off our rotting healthcare system.

Independent, practical analyses of the intersection of mental health, American culture, corporate power, and democracy. Often funny.
Greetings, I am so glad I found Wendell Potter. If you can’t figure out how it is that your health insurance premiums keep going up while the services…
Let me tell you how
SPECIAL BEST OF SERIES Greetings, I’m on vacation from producing docu-mental for a few weeks. Please enjoy this episode of the podcast that has been…
vol. 2, issue 1 Greetings, I was sitting in the home office of a clinical psychologist. Behind where she sat facing me, the sun shone through sheer…
It's your problem, which is why the solution should also be yours
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