December redux

docu-mental podcasts and essays you might have missed, or might want to revisit

vol. 1 issue 51


We’re fogged in here in DC. I like it. Feels good to have this blanket of white cozy time to separate us from all the big mouthed brash stuff from this week. The view outside my window is less bricks and mortar, more soft, wet air. Rather than the pilot light level angst I have these days wondering what is to come from all this noise, with the fog, there is the sense of being insulated from all the potential chaos.

There have been some new subscribers of late. I thought for that reason, it would be worthwhile to review some of the highlights of the year. These are a few of my favorite issues of docu-mental, and the ones that generated some of the most feedback.

Thanks for being a subscriber. Please consider purchasing a premium subscription as a gift this season. In the next decade — 2020s! — we will be hitting our stride at docu-mental, and reader participation will be a big part of that.

I am excited and look forward to what’s in store for us together!



The end of history? Capitalism gets a re-look in this podcast featuring London economist and New Statesman commentator, Grace Blakeley:

Is mindfulness a way to manipulate the masses? The pros and cons of going within as directed by those without, as discussed in this podcast with ordained Zen dharma teacher and professor, Ronald E. Purser:


Antitrust and the crushing of physicians’ souls:

Thy tyranny of happiness:

Getting along with people who confound you: